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CBRIII Maneuver #2 – Yarn

Target: Jon Armstrong’s Yarn

Profile: Speculative Fiction,  Near Future, “Fashionpunk”

Summary: From the back cover, “Tane Cedar is the master tailor, the supreme outfitter of the wealthy the beautiful, and the powerful.  When an ex-lover, on the run form the authorities, asks him to create a garment from the dangerous and illegal Xi yarn – a psychedelic opiate – to ease her final hours, Tane’s world is torn apart.  Armed with just his yarn pulls, scissors, Mini-Air-Juki handheld sewing machine, and his wits, Tane journeys through the shadowy underworld where he must untangle the deadly mysteries and machinations of decades of deceit.

Vital Stats:
Pages: 309
Difficulty: Varies wildly
Rating: 4/5 Stars

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