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#CBR6 Review #11 – Super Graphic

Super GraphicTarget: Tim Leong’s Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe

Profile: Comics!, Non-fiction?

After Action Report:

Super Graphic is an aggregation of information.  A sequence of colorful graphs, diagrams and charts that serve up a dizzying variety of information about comic books, the worlds they contain and the industry that produces them.  It isn’t so much a book to be read cover to cover as it is an adventure, every page turn revealing something new and delightful.  That is, if you’re a comic book nerd.  Which is not to say that Super Graphic can’t be appreciated by a lay person.  The data is Marvelously (tee hee) accessible and easy to digest, assisted by the tight focus of every page and the slightly-more-than-occasional joke that helps alleviate the march of trivia.

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