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CBRIII Maneuver #6 – Being Wrong

Target: Katheryn Schulz’s Being Wrong

Profile: Non-fiction, Popular Philosophy

Summary: From the back of the book, “To err is human.  Yet most of us go through life assuming (and sometimes insisting) that we are right about nearly everything, from the origins of the universe to how to load the dishwasher.  In Being Wrong, journalist Kathryn Schulz explores why we find it so gratifying to be right and so maddening to be mistaken.  Drawing on thinkers as varied as Augustine, Darwin, Freud, Gertrude Stein, Alan Greenspan, and Groucho Marx, she shows that error is both a given and a gift – one that can transform our worldviews, our relationships, and ourselves.”

Vital Stats:
Pages: 339 plus 46 pages of notes
Difficulty: 6 out of 10
Rating: 5/5

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