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#CBR4 Maneuver #21 – REAMDE

Target: Neal Stephenson’s REAMDE

Profile: Fiction, Political Thriller, Suspense?

Summary: From the back of the book, “The black sheep of an Iowa farming clan, former draft dodger and successful marijuana smuggler Richard Forthrast amassed a small fortune over the years – and then increased in a thousandfold when he created T’Rain.  A massive, multibillion-dollar, multiplayer online role-playing game, T’Rain now has millions of obsessed fans from the U.S. to China.  But a small group of ingenious Asian hackers has just unleashed REAMDE – a virus that encrypts all of a player’s electronic files and holds them for ransom – which has unwittingly triggered a war that’s creating chaos not only in the virtual universe but in the real one as well.  Its repercussions will be felt all around the globe – setting in motion a devastating series of events involving Russian mobsters, computer geeks, secret agents, and Islamic terrorists – with Forthrast standing at ground zero and his loved ones caught in the crossfire.”

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#CBR4 Maneuver #17 – The Star Fraction

Target: Ken MacLeod’s The Star Fraction

Profile: Science Fiction, Political Thriller

Summary: From, “Moh Kohn is a security mercenary, his smart gun and killer reflexes for hire. Janis Taine is a scientist working on memory-enhancing drugs, fleeing the US/UN’s technology cops. Jordan Brown is a teenager in the Christian enclave of Beulah City, dealing in theologically-correct software for the world’s fundamentalists-and wants out.

In a balkanized twenty-first century, where the “peace process” is deadlier than war, the US/UN’s spy satellites have everyone in their sights. But the Watchmaker has other plans, and the lives of Moh, Janis, and Jordan are part of the program. A specter is haunting the fight for space and freedom, the specter of the betrayed revolution that happened before. . . .”

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