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#CBR6 Review #1 – RASL

RASLTarget: Jeff Smith’s RASL

Profile: Graphic Novel, Speculative Fiction

After Action Report:

If you look around online, the reviews for RASL are decidedly mixed.  There are complaints about the pacing, the protagonist, and a laundry list of other, minor issues that plague the graphic novel.  But the real problem most of these readers seem to have with the book, is that it isn’t Bone.  Jeff Smith really carved out a place for himself with Bone, capturing the attention of fans and critics alike but now those same fans can’t seem to move past it.  That being said, I haven’t read Bone.  So with any luck, this review will be a little less biased.

RASL opens with the narrator/protagonist, a man only identified by his calling card, a graffiti tag with the letters RASL in green and pink, stealing a Picasso from a loft apartment.  The heist goes wrong and RASL escapes into an alley where he straps on four miniature jet engines and an African mask. When the police round the corner and fire on him, he vanishes in a flash of light.  RASL can ‘Drift’ between dimensions courtesy of technology he developed from the notes of Nikola Tesla.  He makes a living stealing parallel copies of famous painting and selling them on Earth Prime.  But the jumps between dimensions are taking their toll on his body, and now someone is chasing him between the worlds.

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