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#CBR4 Maneuver #16 – Brave Story

Target: Miyabe Miyuki’s Brave Story.  Translated by Alexander O. Smith

Profile: Children’s Literature, Fantasy

Summary: From the Back Cover, “Young Wataru flees his messed-up life to navigate the magical world of Vision, a land filled with creatures both fierce and friendly.  His ultimate destination is the Tower of Destiny where a goddess of fate awaits.  Only when he has finished his journey and collected the five elusive gemstones will he possess the Demon’s Bane – the key that will grand him his most heartfelt wish… the wish to bring his family back together again!”

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Lost Battles: Gates of Fire

Target: Steven Pressfield’s Gates of Fire: An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae

Profile: Historical Fiction, Military

Summary: From the back cover, “At Thermopylae, a rocky mountain pass in northern Greece, the feared and admired Spartan soldiers stood three hundred strong. Theirs was a suicide mission, to hold the pass against the invading millions of the mighty Persian army.

Day after bloody day they withstood the terrible onslaught, buying time for the Greeks to rally their forces. Born into a cult of spiritual courage, physical endurance, and unmatched battle skill, the Spartans would be remembered for the greatest military stand in history—one that would not end until the rocks were awash with blood, leaving only one gravely injured Spartan squire to tell the tale….

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#CBR4 Maneuver #15 – Blood of the Mantis

Target: Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Blood of the Mantis (Shadows of the Apt #3) 

Profile: Alternative Fantasy, Steampunk, Epic Fantasy

Summary: From the Back Cover, “Driven by the ghosts of the Darakyon, Achaeos has tracked the stolen Shadow Box to the marsh town of Jerez, but he has only days before the magical box is lost him forever.  Meanwhile, the forces of the Empire are mustering over winter for their great offensive, gathering their soldiers and perfecting their new weapons.  Stenwold and his followers have only a short time to gather what allies they can before the Wasp armies march again, conquering everything in their path.  If they cannot throw back the Wasps this spring, then the imperial black-and-gold flag will fly over every city in the Lowlands before the year’s end.  In Jerez there begins a fierce struggle over the Shadow Box, as lake creatures, secret police, and renegade magicians compete to take possession.  If it falls into the hands of the Wasp Emperor, however, no amount of fighting will suffice to save the world from his relentless ambition.”

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