The Crusades – A search for war, wealth and wisdom

Greetings Readers… if you exist and are not just webtrolls.

As the Summer of 2011 starts to show itself, I am retreating to the comforting cool dark of my basement to begin the second leg of my Cannonball, the Crusades.  Like their namesake, these wars are poorly planned, incredibly ambitious and ultimately doomed to failure.  I’m hoping to get enough reading done in the next 2-3 months to justify attempting a Double Cannonball (104 books in 52 weeks) Given that I’m only about 3 books ahead of the regular Cannonball (52 in 52), this is probably a pipe dream.

What I need is a map.  Or in normal terms, book recommendations.  I have a brand-new Kindle with a lot of free space that needs filling.  I’ll be pulling novels off the main CBRIII blog, a number of book podcasts I’ve picked up in the past 5 months and the recommendations of friends, but I’m not confidant that I’ll have enough great options to pick from so I’m opening it up to everyone!

IF ANYONE TELLS ME TO READ THE HUNGER GAMES I WILL STAB THEM!  If I wanted to read Battle Royale again, I’d fucking read Battle Royale again.  Piss off.

Everything else is on the table so let me have it!  We Ride for Xanadu!

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